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Welcome to VIC Metal Recyclers, Melbourne’s largest vehicle dismantlers and auto salvage experts. Established for over 20 years, our wrecking yard in the southern suburb of Melbourne is fully equipped with the finest wrecking and dismantling equipment. With over 700 vehicles currently being dismantled on site and holding a wide range of light damaged repairable cars, we are the leader in car removals.

Get Paid for Your Unwanted Car

Get Paid for Your Unwanted Car!

VIC Metal Recyclers offers free car removal and disposal service. We provide instant cash for all the makes and models of the cars, regardless of its condition and age. Our price quotes are very competitive and we can offer the best price for your car. Whether your vehicle is old or new, scrap or damaged, registered or unregistered, we dispose of all the vehicles in a lawful and environment-friendly manner.

Why Choose VIC Metal Recyclers

Why Choose VIC Metal Recyclers?

Looking for fast, reliable and trustworthy car wrecker in Melbourne? VIC Metal Recyclers is your go-to-place. We have experienced and professional car wrecking team striving hard to provide you with the excellent and hassle-free car removal service. We are available 24/7 to ensure that your car is picked any time from the place convenient to you. We not only provide FREE car removal service but also dispose it in a responsible and an efficient manner.


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Car Removal Melbourne

Vic Metal Recycle- Wrecking and Dismantling All Make & Models

Disposing your old car can be a hassle. You need the right expertise and process to remove your car properly. Our experienced and professional car wrecking team in Melbourne has the heavy-duty tools and know-how to dismantle any type of car. So, if you have a car that is old, no longer in working condition, severely damaged or deemed to be a total write-off by insurance companies, opt for our expert car removal services in Melbourne.

When should you opt for Car Removal in Melbourne?

  • You should consider the option of car removal if you are facing one of these issues:
  • If your car is going to cost more to repair than it’s worth
  • If your car is damaged in an accident in a way that is beyond repair
  • If your car is not meeting the standards set byMinistry of Transport (MOT)
  • If the car is no longer wanted or required

Benefits of Hiring Our Professional Car Wrecking Services

  • Second-hand Parts

The process of unwanted car removal in Melbourne is made easy by our expert team. The step-by-step process involves dismantling your car and undertaking a detailed check for genuine vehicle parts. We would test and see if they are safe to be used in future. Further, we would name, number them and store these parts properly.

So, if these parts are genuinely in a working condition, you are entitled to a good price as they will be further purchased by the car restoration business as the second-hand parts.

  • Eco-Friendly

We make sure that the damaged, old or neglected cars are disposed in the safest way possible. The systematic approach towards wrecking enables us to provide a chemical-free environment. In the salvage yards, we segregate all the usable parts and refurbish them to be further sold to the dealers. The non-working parts are further salvaged for scrap metal and then sold as scrap. The remaining components of your car are then properly disposed, so that they don’t harm the environment by ending up in open landfills.

  • Recycle and Reuse

If your car is old but in good condition, there are high chances that the majority of the parts can be reused for several other purposes. In addition, if you are opting for the accident car removal in Melbourne, you also have a higher probability of getting parts that can be further reused.
We undertake the initial testing and neatly pull out such parts and send it forward for recycling. Like for instance, the rubber of your car can be used for gas pedals or even floor mats.

  • Earn Profit

You can even earn money out of your very old or damaged car. If the metallic parts inside your car are in good shape and condition, we help you sell it at competitive rates. The metal from which the vehicle is made also matters. It surely does go in a scrap, but there are some companies that need such metals and we act as a mediator between you and these companies. You have high chances of making money if your car parts are in good condition.

  • Safe Procedure

There are ample car lovers who have a perception that they can dismantle their car on their own without any professional help. But, there are several car fluids and leaks that have to be handled with the exceptional caution. Even the slightest error can cost a life or severe damage to the environment. And that is why you need the professional wrecking services of our expert team to carry out all the procedures safely without disturbing the environment. The unwanted car removal process in Melbourne is in the safe hands of VIC Metal Recycle.

  • Hassle-Free Option

If you are hiring us for the car removal Melbourne, our team of professionals make sure that the entire process is done hassle-free. Our wreckers will do the needful by picking up your car for free if it is hard for you to bring your car to our workshop. We take the entire responsibility of dismantling and assembling the reusable as well as the scrap materials of your car. Further, we assist you in getting the competitive price for parts that can be reused in the future for different purposes.

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